Does CanvasHost keep my passwords on file?

This is a great question and a bit complicated, but the short answer is No.

The only password we will ever have on file is the one we automatically assign to your cPanel when you sign up for a web hosting plan. Additionally, this will also be the default password for your WordPress dashboard (if you signed up for a WordPress hosting account where we performed the WordPress install for you).

This password is something we can see on the back-end of your customer account in our system. However, if you ever update your password in cPanel or WordPress, we will have no way of knowing that and we will still see the password that we initially setup for you when you first signed up for service.

This also applies to Email Account passwords. When you create an Email Account in your cPanel, you are asked to assign a password to that is specific to that email address. CanvasHost staff has no idea what this password is and has no way to find it, as it is encrypted information within the system.

The best practice is to just keep track of your passwords (however you feel is easiest for you to do so), but should you ever need our help resetting a password, be it for an email account, your cPanel or something else, please let us know and we will be happy to assist.

Here’s a little tip for those of you who have a hard time coming up with strong passwords and/or just want something strong that is also easy to remember: Passwords don’t really need to be super complex and weird to be effective. If you just took the name of your pet, your favorite R&B group and your favorite food (which in my case would be seniorportraitpizza) you’d have a totally acceptable password which would take a very long time to crack.

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