cPanel - What is it? Where is it?

cPanel is an easy to use web interface for managing all aspects of your hosting account; from adding new domains and email accounts, to more advanced features like editing DNS records and configuring spam filtering. cPanel is third party software which CanvasHost pays a liscening fee for on all of our shared servers (with the exception of our one Windows server).

There are several ways to access your cPanel account...

The easiest way  is to simply log into your customer account at:

Once logged in you can choose to remain logged in to save time (just don't manually log out).

From the top menu, select Services > My Services

You will now see a list of all your products (including any hosting plans).

Click the green 'Manage' button just to the Right of the product you want to work with.

Now you will see a menu listed on the Left with the option to log into cPanel as well as some other helpful shortcuts.

You will also notice more shortcuts near the bottom of the page to quickly access specific tool within your cPanel.

If you're a traditionalist and prefer to be more hands on, you can always log into the direct login screen (which depending on your domain's DNS configuration will be available at one or two different URLS:

If your domain's A record points to CanvasHost, you can simply use: (Note to replace "" with your actual domain name).

If you know the name of the server your hosting account is on, you can use (Note to replace servername with the name of your server). If you do not know your server name, you can refer to your hosting Welcome Email.

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