Earlier today, we became aware of sporadic network outages that affected portions of our network and/or access to your email and website(s).

Throughout the process, we were in contact with our upstream providers, who confirmed hardware and/or network issues on their end were the cause of the interrupted service. We do maintain multiple upstreams to mitigate problems like this, but when hardware fails, even the best redundancy can be brought to a standstill.

Compounding on this is the fact that our phone systems are provided service through these same upstreams. We apologize for any interference you had, in trying to contact us about this issue.

Throughout the interruption, we maintained updates here in our Support system, as well as through Facebook and Twitter, to pro-actively communicate what we knew and when you could expect service to be returned.

From what we have gauged, the total outage was less than the 43 minutes of monthly downtime that are permitted in the 99.9% uptime guarantee as part of our Service Level Agreement.

Please  know that your business is important to us, and we are examining this situation to determine if there is anything different or better we could do, to help prevent future service interruptions.

Thank you,

David Anderson, Co-Owner
Canvas Host, LLC

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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